Custom-Tailored Solutions
to Meet Your Executive Search and Job Placement Needs

Placing Competent Candidates
in Prominent Companies

If you wish to conduct a confidential job search to further your career development and growth, William J. Hague, LLC is the preferred choice to assist you. You can count on us to find career opportunities that match your specifications and qualifications.

Finding Available Job Positions

William J. Hague, LLC prides itself on staying updated with the current industry trends and best practices in talent recruitment. In fact, we are often aware of new opportunities before they become public knowledge.

We are constantly communicating with hiring managers via phone and email and maintaining a presence at trade association meetings. These enable us to receive first-hand information about current or future job openings for our client job seekers.

Assisting With Job Search

We continually update our extensive network of corporate profiles to match highly capable candidates with the most appropriate employers. If you are having a hard time in your job hunt or at a loss to what path to choose based on your qualifications, we will work with you to create a plan to fine-tune your job search and target the most suitable companies in your industry.

Protecting Your Privacy

Regardless of your current employment status, you can have peace of mind knowing that William J. Hague, LLC guarantees to preserve the confidentiality of your employment search. We will forward your resume to potential employers only with your prior approval.

Contact us by phone at (443) 203-0018 for a preliminary consultation and assistance with job search and placement. We look forward to working with you.